Monday, May 28, 2012

Retired Professor from the Corcoran School Of Art features my abstract landscapes.

I am delighted and honored that the retired Professor of Photography from The Cocoran School Of Art - Joe Cameron featured one of my pieces on his blog.  What he said about my work: 

'My influences are more likely to be abstract painters than photographers. So I quite naturally was charmed by the poetic and abstract nature of your photographs'.

Take a look at his blog below:


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On Rothko

One of the the most influencial artists for me is Mark Rothko.  I love the simplicity of his work and yet his work is emotionally powerful and complex on a monumental level.  When I visited his works at the Tate in London in 2010 I stood quite close to his paintings and I literally was swaying, hypnotised - every movement in his brushstrokes is deliberate, alive and symbolic.  I get his work.  I think Rothko is a genius as many others do and I am so happy he created all these monumental paintings.  I haven't found a painter like him who has had such an effect on me.  The experience is all there before you and you never know what may come up for you when you take the time to stand or sit infront of one of these environments for at least a half hour:  more like all day for me!!  I am including some of his images below though a small image does not do them justice.  It is just an introduction to his work.

Thank you for taking a look!  The last picture is taken at the Rothko Chapel in Houston, TX.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SALE - 20% off all of my abstract landscape photography

I just wanted to announce that I have a 20% OFF SALE of all my abstract artwork through Mother's Day (May 13th)!

Come on by and take a look.  It is a great offer and a beautiful gift for everyone out there, including gifts for yourselves and for friends.  Do take a peek  at my website and my Etsy shop in the links below:-

Thanks so much,
Frances Seward
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