Monday, June 6, 2011

Frances Seward's latest Favorites on Etsy - art, design, fashion

These are some of my latest favorites on Etsy:-

Amanda RaeK's photograph of the Eastern Shore Farm looks centuries old and the image has been very cleverly created.  It reminds me of the Oast Houses seen in Kent, England but it is not the same thing of course.

Groundwork's I'm sorry but you were holding me back limited edition print has a title that really caught my attention.  I wonder if it is a polite way of saying bye bye to a lover - well at least the drawing is beautiful and it is very polite and to the point.  I love it!

RobbieMoto's leather purses are beautifully and originally designed with many vibrant colors.

MSTRF's table is just divine.  The smooth surface with the natural cracks in the wood are just so....mmmmmmmmm!

Imagine Studio's Parisian Grafitti is just so evocative, full of detail and delicious textures and contrast with the white background where the image just fades into the abyss.

The Haunted Hollow Tree's print Sanctuary is so personal and evokes so much pleasure and need for our time in solitude.

My Mazing's print of Wapping congures up the industrial part of London so well.

ShannonPix's vintage image of Pacific Beach in San Diego could have been taken 50 years ago and the artist has been very clever in making it look like an old shot with the sparsely populated beach and the sepia tint.

Irene Suchocki's Dream-like Mysterious Ways is just breathtaking.

Lana Stepul's Sexy Black Jersey Maxi Skirt look so comfortable, versatile and fun.

Labirinthinenature's Esquina de Nosotros - I am simply just in love with..

Kinagorska's windy cup and peacock bowl are beautifully detailed and her process for creating these pieces is quite some interesting story.

Byloomandhyde's leather handbags are beautifullly original and made in Angouleme, France

Last but not least Birdloft's Island Barn Coffee Table is just so raw and interesting.  It is an art piece unto itself.

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